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The Latoff MS Foundation is the brainchild of David Latoff and  several volunteers who strongly believe in the mission of this organization- To provide assistance to members of the local community that are suffering with MS.

“I feel we are making a difference in people living with Multiple Sclerosis, and help make daily life routines and challenges a little easier” – Dave Latoff (President and Founder, Latoff MS Foundation)

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How do we help?

We help make daily life routines and challenges a little easier. We are always available to talk and help those with any issue. RSVP for our support group by calling 570-401-5956


We purchase medical equipment, like special beds, chairs and personal equipment. 

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We offer financial assistance to those affected by MS. 

Assistance Grant Application


We offer a $1,000 annual scholarship for any student who is or has been affected by MS. 

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"I'm sleeping so much better now, the mattress that was provided to me has really helped, and I thank the group at Latoff MS Foundation for their help."
Scott R.
If I need any support I'm able to call and talk to Dave, and the other board members. They understand and take the time to listen to my problems.
Danielle S.